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As a Designer I'm always designing for the experience for all users. One of the most important parts of design, to me, is the ability of the user to understand and read the information of the design. And 
Bathroom DJ is one of the many accessories we offer to enhance the Learning Theater experience. On June 8th LT will be hosting the TC Board of Trustees and the theme is
4 years ago
On Sunday, April 30th is hosting a SAFE Disposal Event in front of TC.Does your work-space has old dusty objects that need some recycling? Lets make a pile! The Design Team has already started one... feel free to add to our mix :)Accepted Items 
This week the Design Team hosted an afternoon with the Cultural Technology Development Lab
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Hello Edlab'ers! If you've been down on the three floor in the last few weeks you might have noticed some historical oil paintings hanging around. These ten paintings are part of the restored TC Historical Portraitures collection. For the last few weeks I have been gathering research, stories and documents about each painting with the help of the amazing Jennifer Govan and Pocketknowledge. We have uncovered a lot of interesting facts about each person depicted in their portrait and the artist who created the painting. Each teacher, dean, administrator and president have contributed to TC duri...