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13 years ago
Although it's is a digression from educational discussion and I believe most of you might have already seen this, I find it inspirational and helpful in motivating myself. Here is the speech which Steve Jobs gave at Stanford in 2005.
13 years ago is a project to build a search engine that allows users to type in any question and get a detailed answer returned to them immediately. I tried typing in the names of standard php function (preg_match, str_replace, or addslashes) - and I got the info right on the search results page (like google's onebox feature).
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13 years ago
The below mentioned link is of a Flash based site created for Mercedes Benz UK illustrates features which I have never seen before. Overall I found it to be an amazing site, wonder if something like this could be build for educational purposes too.
13 years ago
I was going through the link sent by Hui Soo for the Web Analytics Association seminar and stumbled upon this interesting presentation given by Eric at the WAA group. It gives an insight of what is web analytics and how one can incorporate it in the organization to reap the benefits. Let me know your thoughts after watching this.
14 years ago
I found this website useful in ways by which we can enhance user experience over the web.