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Today's front pages focus on recent achievements and milestones in police reform, education, and public health. Massachusetts moves towards safer policing, Arizona and California re-evaluate criminal charges for marijuana possession, a university in Indiana increases financial aid for first-generation students, a group of educators in Illinois continue to support their community long after retirement, and a World Aids Day remembrance in California reflects on how the conversation around certain diseases can impact how they are spread. As always, our news selection and stories are curated ba...
In today's headlines around the world, communities prepare for a Thanksgiving like never before. Farmers in the Midwest reveal how they've strengthened protocols in light of previous flu seasons, a battalion from Connecticut reunite with family members after spending months abroad, firefighters on the West coast look forward to some relief during the winter, and a complex prison scheme in California undergoes investigation. As always, our selections are curated from the front pages of ...
In today's headlines around the world, many cities prepare for an upcoming vaccine for Covid-19, community members lead activities to help people combat the stress of every day life, a local high school undergoes an identity makeover, and a renewable energy plant deems promising for a town in the Midwest. As always, our selections are inspired and curated from the front pages provided by
In today's headlines around the world, the United States recognizes Veteran's Day- a tradition signed into law on May 13, 1938. Originally known as "Armistice Day", November 11th marks the cessation of hostilities between Germany and the Allies and the end of WWI on "the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month". We take a look at how different families are honoring and our service men and women- as well as the struggles facing veterans in our country today. As always, our selections are inspired by front pages provided by
In today's headlines, the world anticipates the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election as votes are still being counted, with many more ballots yet to come in the mail. Voters showed up at the polls in record-breaking numbers, eager to have their ballot included in one of the most intense elections in history. As results are still pouring in, we take a closer look at how election day went in various towns around the country. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on
In today's headlines from around the world, America's Presidential candidates visit the Midwest and South, fires overwhelm West coast communities, a seven year old in a small Arkansas town beats a world record, and protests spark in Philadelphia over the death of Walter Wallace, Jr. As always, our selections are curated from the front pages of
In today's headlines, wildfires increase on the West coast, a local town reinvents its library services, the Dodgers celebrate their latest win, our Presidential candidates prepare for the next debate, and a beloved sea turtle finally returns to her natural habitat. As always, our selections are inspired and curated from Newseum.
In today's front pages, much is happening in regional and national news as the country deals with the pandemic and prepares for the upcoming election. The campaign trail blazes on, Supreme Court confirmation hearings continue, early voting begins, and various states confront homelessness and changes in local leadership. As always, our selections are curated from Newseum.
Today in news around the world, music fans mourn Eddie Van Halen, hurricane season poses interruptions, and the presidential fight for the country continues on. Articles and news courtesy of Newseum.
One of the biggest challenges in making a space more accessible for people with hearing, vision, or mobility loss is awareness. Many disabilities are often hidden or invisible, and not everyone who experiences them feels comfortable coming forward for help. Contacts, glasses, hearing aids, and other discreet accessories or technology make it less obvious that someone might need support, plus they may be shy or unable to speak up. It's easy to assume that others around you can hear, see, stand, walk, or perform other every day activities at the same pace or ease that you can. Being mindful o...