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In today’s news headlines, protesters in Nigeria campaign against police violence in their country. Global humanitarian organizations work on future plans to get coronavirus vaccines to places with poor infrastructure. In the US there are news items regarding taxes and the education system in the time of coronavirus as well as plans to nurture national forests. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Two particularly interesting articles today delve into the current crisis faced by the people and marine life of the Galapagos as well as details on the procedure behind getting a vaccine developed and approved. Other stories deal with the ramifications of coronavirus and the fires on the West Coast. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
In today’s news headlines there are items regarding the census, NASA and more virus and election stories. Yesterday marked the last day of the 2020 census and the turnout for voting in this year’s election has been vigorous so far. As always, these headlines are courtesy of ...
The main headline for today centers on the hearings that began yesterday for potential, new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Other news items include recreational pieces as New York tries to popularize lesser known hiking trails and Massachutsetts looks to increase revenue through marijuana. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Welcome to this week’s Sunday news edition! Today’s news items focus on election updates and stories related to coronavirus. As always, these headlines are courtesy of The Los Angeles Times, Published in Los Angeles, California
Welcome to today’s news. An alarming story coming out of Michigan today details the plot and capture of six far-right extremists who intended to kidnap the governor. Other headlines cover coronavirus and election news. As always, these front pages are courtesy of The Detroit New...
In today’s headlines we are featuring some highlights of the election news. Today in-person voting begins in select states. The president has also been released from the hospital and the next election debate is tomorrow, featuring the vice-presidential candidates. As always, these front page articles are courtesy of
Today in headlines from around the US, the major topic is the health of President Trump who recently contracted coronavirus. The election and related news are key stories. In an environmental focus there is also news regarding continued coal mining in the Midwest, as well as federal protection for a crucial plant. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Welcome to the weekend news. Here are some of the latest stories regarding coronavirus in the United States. As always, these headlines are courtesy of Newseum.orgThe Salinas Californian, Published in Salinas, California
Welcome to the weekend news. These headlines primarily focus on the latest health news regarding coronavirus and particularly how it intersects with the fall semester for schools. A special news item details the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. As always, these headlines are courtesy of