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Welcome to the daily news. Today’s selection of stories includes an important cultural event in the Philippines, the influence the Queen continues to have in the UK, an update on the elections in Israel, the plane crash in Indonesia and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Welcome to the first international news edition of the New Year! In today’s headlines there are two vaccine updates - South Africa is getting its first shipment and the UK has unveiled an operation to get people vaccinated quicker. A Canadian newspaper covers the turmoil in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. Japan declares a new state of emergency. In India farmers are ramping up their protests which have been ongoing since August. As always, these stories are courtesy of
Welcome to the daily news. In today’s headlines we focus on international coronavirus updates. Although a new strain of the virus has been detected in the UK, vaccinations are in full swing there and many other countries plan to begin inoculating in January. In the UAE a national initiative has been started to prepare essential workers for all types of emergencies. Additionally, an editorial piece offers a reflection on the various approaches countries have taken toward combating the virus. As always, these headlines are courtesy...
Welcome to the daily news! Today we cover the latest in vaccine news and other coronavirus updates. As always, these headlines are courtesy of  Anchorage Daily News, Published in Anchorage, Alaska
Welcome to the daily news report! Today’s bulletin covers a range of the latest in coronavirus stories. As the first doses of vaccines are shipped to states, officials are figuring out the logistics of beginning immunization. Also from unemployment agencies to schools, organizations everywhere are still combating complications caused by the pandemic. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Welcome to the daily news bulletin. Today, a large story is the looming approach of Brexit in January and what sort of economic sanctions will be enacted. Other international news items include a forecast for the economy next year in Singapore and the status of education in South Africa. These headlines are courtesy of
In today’s news bulletin there are stories from around the globe. In India widespread protests continue, Jordan fears losing control of certain holy sites, the Iran nuclear deal is revisited and more coronavirus updates. As always, these headlines are courtesy of Pioneer, Published in New Delhi, India
Today there are several updates on the coronavirus vaccine. Britain has approved its first vaccine for immediate use, an experimental treatment is being used in the US and the government is preparing for imminent vaccine distribution here in the States. Also, the United Nations warns countries not to forget the climate crisis and many are petitioning President Elect Biden to quickly stop border wall construction. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Today’s news headlines primarily look at the effects of coronavirus on education, cultural affairs and domestic violence. In other news, the Vatican celebrates the inauguration of new cardinals and activists in the US continue to push regarding assisted ‘death with dignity.’ As always, these news headlines are courtesy of
Today’s headlines look at top stories from around the world, including a foreign perspective on the latest US election news. These stories primarily focus on international diplomacy and foreign relations. The latest G20 summit happened this weekend with a focus on the pandemic, Russia and Georgia are preparing for talks, China and India continue to dispute border territory and leaders from Israel and Saudi Arabia met. As always, these headlines are courtesy of