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Today there are several updates in vaccination news. Britain has approved its first vaccine for immediate use, an experimental treatment is being used in the US and the government is preparing for imminent vaccine distribution here in the States. Also, the United Nations warns countries not to forget the climate crisis and many are petitioning President Elect Biden to quickly stop border wall construction. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Today’s news headlines primarily look at the effects of coronavirus on education, cultural affairs and domestic violence. In other news, the Vatican celebrates the inauguration of new cardinals and activists in the US continue to push regarding assisted ‘death with dignity.’ As always, these news headlines are courtesy of
Today’s headlines look at top stories from around the world, including a foreign perspective on the latest US election news. These stories primarily focus on international diplomacy and foreign relations. The latest G20 summit happened this weekend with a focus on the pandemic, Russia and Georgia are preparing for talks, China and India continue to dispute border territory and leaders from Israel and Saudi Arabia met. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Today’s international news highlights new developments regarding coronavirus, lockdowns and the vaccine. Beyond this there is a human interest piece about traditional Japanese arts and some backstory and speculation about Israel, the US and their relationship with UNESCO. As always, these stories are courtesy of
Today we pivot away from election and coronavirus news to look at other stories and concerns. At the border, officials have been ordered to stop deporting unaccompanied minors entering the US. More states pursue marijuana legalization as a source of revenue. Boeing’s 737 Max has been cleared to fly again. High school students get practice with Zoom interviews and environmental groups continue to spread awareness of the dangers of plastic to marine life. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
Welcome to the Sunday news edition! Today’s stories continue to cover the recent election and the sustained fallout from the coronavirus pandemic in the US. As always, these headlines are courtesy of The Huntsv...
Currently, countries all over the world are continuing to combat the challenges of coronavirus and finding solutions to maintain traditions, hospitals and education. In international relations, the long-serving prime minister of Bahrain passed away yesterday and the US Secretary of State will begin a tour tomorrow of France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudia Arabia. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
As the US continues to focus on election results, the following are some news items from around the world. The United Arab Emirates made significant legal reforms this week as well as a commitment to literacy and knowledge. Jamaica elected a new political leader, the Marine Corps continue with a controversial project in Guam and Filipino food manufacturers agreed to lower some prices. As always, these headlines are courtesy of
As a respite from the barrage of election news, today's stories come from all corners of the globe. Canada tackles a language issue, Britain and Ireland deal with coronavirus related problems and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues. As always, these headlines are courtesy of The Royal Gazette, Published in Hamilton, Bermuda
Welcome to November! In today’s news we take a break from coronavirus and election related headlines and focus on cultural stories, investigative journalism, education and the latest from outer space. As always, these headlines are courtesy of Press-Enterprise, Published in R...