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As one particular news story continues to understandably dominate headlines, corrupt politicians see an opportunity to capitalize on distraction. Today’s 5 stories focus on public corruption in the time of COVID-19, with examples ranging from intentional promotion of unproven treatments to cooking the books of vital public data. As always, stories are taken from the newspaper headlines curated by
To celebrate the end of another week, today’s Daily News features some more offbeat, unusual, or interesting stories. They range from an outfield drive-in to football as a public good to a shady political group being brought to justice. As always, the stories here have been curated from the front pages at 
Today’s daily news focuses on ways that municipalities and businesses, with a view to re-opening, are trying to adapt to the continuing pandemic. From Miami to Denver, Boston to Hawaii, and Detroit, articles are curated from the front pages on
Today’s stories are focused on some groups that haven’t received much coverage of their needs, despite their disproportionate suffering from the present pandemic. These populatons include indigenous peoples, religious minorities, the disabled, and abuse survivors.  As always, all stories are curated from the front pages available at
Today’s news stories focus on the changes occurring in education, as well as hurdles that students and staff face during the continuing coronavirus pandemic. As always, all stories are curated from the front pages at
In honor of International Workers’ Day, the stories selected today focus on the plight of the less fortunate, the powerless, and labor as the pandemic rages and rights are trampled. As always, all newspaper stories drawn from the front pages curated by
When you’re stuck at home in a life-threatening situation, it can feel like the future will never come. The fight for survival overrides any plans for a future that seems so distant. For that reason, I wanted to focus on stories from other countries where people are planning for the future. Life might not be back to normal, it may not be quite “normal” for a long time, but for now we can hope and ...
The focus of today’s news briefing is on the services and frontline workers facing exposure to the ongoing pandemic. From healthcare, to postal services, and even to international shipping, there isn’t a sector of the economy without workers in harm’s way. And this could have disastrous consequences for the rest of society. All stories courtesy of the front page curation at and their respective newspaper...
The first step of any visit to a library is usually a catalog search, but with the modern networked library any basic search is likely to turn up thousands of hits. Though I admit it’s a matter of opinion, I prefer searching via a search engine to painstakingly poring over a card catalog.  However, very few people get taught how to properly use search algorithms, despite the overwhelming utility of that skill. Most developers won’t tell you exactly how their search engine works. That ultimately means that you’ll need to learn b...
Here are this morning’s headlines, courtesy of the newspaper front pages on The theme of this morning is covering the measures being taken by states and local governments to help those suffering during the pandemic.