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Today’s daily news brief focuses on the continuing protests around the country over police brutality and racial injustice. Despite overwhelming public pressure and scrutiny, police continue to flout the laws that they themselves proclaim to uphold. As always, all articles are drawn from the front pages available at
Today’s selection of daily news articles focuses on the renewed pushes for innovative reforms of law enforcement in this country. Multiple local areas, and even Democrats at the national level, are bowing to or riding the wave of activist pressure to try and make real change. Here are tentatively hopeful stories to follow in the coming weeks and months. As always, the stories here are drawn from the newspaper front pages curated by
As the protests continue around the country (and now the world), protesters are finally seeing traction against city governments. Today’s news stories focus on the unprecedented solidarity on display in the face of brutality and violent backlash. As always, all of today’s news stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
After a weekend of violence against protesters, there are signs that the mass protests may be working. Some city leaders seem to be hearing protesters’ voices and pushing for de-escalation by their police departments. All this while Trump’s administration demands more crackdown tactics and urges the deployment of National Guard forces to stop the peaceful expression of 1st Amendment rights. As always, all headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
Because of the avoidable tragedy unfolding in Minneapolis, the focus of today’s Daily News is on inequality - of outcomes, opportunity, and even the basic right to life. To do anything else is to be complicit. As always, the headlines featured in this series are taken from the front pages curated by
Today’s Daily News stories cover international stories, with a particular focus on civil rights issues being exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. As always, all news stories are gathered from the newspaper front pages curated by
Today’s daily news focuses on the information war that evolves during the pandemic, both in fighting the virus and in fighting malfeasance and profiteering off of the suffering. As always, the stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
As a proudly transgender employee of this library, I’ve never felt quite as welcome or as accepted in the workplace. I really couldn’t ask for a better team to work on. I have to begin by saying this because I want everyone who reads this to understand how much I appreciate Teachers College. However, any institution with history - no matter how reliably progressive - will gather baggage during its time in operation. Teachers College is no exception. And yet, I hope to also show that our library and its staff have done their best...
As we head into yet another weekend under lockdown, today’s news selection is a collection of evolving stories throughout the US.  Even if lockdown seems interminable, evolving news stories hopefully help remind us that this present must inevitably change. As always, Daily News headlines are curated from the front pages on
Today’s Daily News theme is checking in on the fight against COVID-19 globally. Highlights include fears in the intelligence community about dependency on PRC aid and concerns about hospitals becoming hot zones in Ireland. All headlines are drawn from the front pages available at