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9 years ago
Standford provide a free course on how to develop an app in IOS. It will be very helpful for our iPad application team :)
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10 years ago
We implemented the real-time update for the comment table on Vialogues! Since the server and connections based on Node.js is already set up (see from this blog), we can simply send information on new comment through the same connections. We build an unseen-comment-dictionary for each user on the server side, and all the connections will receive their dictionary. If a client is in the play page, it will use this dictionary to decide whether new comment appears.
As a member of Vialogues team, I am more than happy to see the release of the new Vialogues. Many thanks to everyone who help us in developing this new version! I am working with Pranav on the notification system of Vialogues. In this version, new notices occur when the page is reloaded. For next version, we will enable real-time notification so that users no longer need to reload the page. This real-time technology can also be used in other scenarios of our products, e.g. the real-time update of Vialogues' comment list, making our system more interactive. In this blog, I will br...
10 years ago
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine's unpaid search results. It is an effective way to do marketing for a website. is an interesting website on SEO. The way they provide do SEO is pretty simple. Webmaster only need to use some schemas to mark their page. According to news on the website, the search engine giants, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have announced the joint alliance of I will keep track of this technology.
10 years ago
A quick post on the difference between AJAX and Django. Sometimes we need to modify the status of a page. AJAX is better when the status change has a minor effect on the page elements, while Django is better when it makes the page totally different. I prefer the static way because using too much jQuery stuff makes the website slow.
The backend of the notification system for Vialogues is ready! Currently, we provide the following four types of notifications: 1. Notification for commenting: when a user comment on a Vialogue, all the users related to this Vialogue will receive a notification. For private Vialogues, a notification will be sent to the moderators and participants; for public Vialogues, we send notifications to moderators and users having commented on that Vialogue. 2. Notification for replying: when a user reply another user's comment, the owner of the original comment and users who have replied to comme...
From the conference and my previous experiences on taking online courses, I came up with an idea about a promising use case of Vialogue. The video+dialogue feature makes Vialogue a perfect platform for online education. The traditional online course system do not have good support for interaction among instructor and students. It is hard for instructors to mention content in the lecture, or for students to ask questions related to a specific topic. With Vialogues, discussions can be associated exactly to a time point in the video. All the above problems are solved. Besides discussion, the i...
10 years ago
Here is an interesting jQuery plug-in named tag canvas. It's 3D effect is wonderful and hope you become more interested in HTML 5.
10 years ago
Just keep a record of the some open course websites here. I have used the top three before. Hope they provide an interface so that we can embed their resources in our sites. Yale MIT Stanford Engineering Anywhere P2PU Open Study-Beta (used by MIT OCW) Open Study