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This topic has quite a few postings about it within L@L, but it also allowed us to showcase some of our neighbor Pressible sites' work, and so we are including some posts from The Voice in this week's list as well. You also will see one of our features "Check It Out" heavily represented, which is where we announce our newest purchases Doing Race (Library Book Talk) by Jennifer Govan
9 years ago
Meet Lifebook, the concept All In One laptop . . . wow. Full review here at Geekologie.
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9 years ago
Get out of that public domain, foreign works! Reported here is a brief summary of the US Supreme Court's recent ruling in favor of Congress' right to restore copyright protection in foreign works where the work was never registered in the US and the full copyright term has expired. Here's the full ruling if you'd like some light reading.
Tomorrow a major action against SOPA and PIPA will be happening all over the internet. This continues a long standing fight against internet censorship. Blackout your own site (read this first) Who is participating in the blackout: (click through for official statement) Reddit: They led the charge with the blackout
9 years ago
Wikipedia has announced that it's going dark in support of the anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA movement. It's only their English language site though so your options are to search in Spanish, or check out Encarta It doesn't looking like Twitter will follow suit as their CEO has called the shutdown foolish.
9 years ago
There's a tech group meet up organizing a civil disobedience action more info hereon January 18th from 12:30 - 3:30 in front of the offices of Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand. Follow this link to contact your Congressional representative.
This friday we're taking the time machine to the beginning of one of our best Topics: Resource Highlights. This particular topic is a treasure chest of research help which you might benefit from, not only that it talks...
Man, people just won't stop doing things for this Gossip Column . . . I'm telling you. According to the Chronicle, a researcher falsified and fabricated data 145 times. WORSE STILL, this guy is a researcher at the Cardiovascular Research Center AND his "adjustments" included taking images to photoshop to reflect his changes. If you're interested, here's a summary of the investigations findings. One of the...
Reddit has committed to the anti-SOPA (and PIPA too) blackout now scheduled for January 18th Ubu has also committed to participation. I haven't seen any updates from the heavier hitters mentioned earlier, but I did find this open letter to the US Gov. from 83 prominent internet inventors and engineers.