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13 years ago
Stephanie forwarded me a cool clip of Ira Glass talking about his early experience as a writer and reporter, and how he eventually overcame what he sees as a common problem in "creative" work: the gap between his sense of taste and the execution of a project to these standards. I found it totally relevant to my own work as a designer who is relatively new to the trade. Check it out!
14 years ago
Over the weekend, I came across a nice visualization for gross US movie box office sales: Probably not a new idea per se, but still a solid form-meets-function example of what good design aims at. We can glean a global understanding of the data set with just a glance. A smart hierarchy--color and form first, then the smaller, secondary textual info--keeps the whole thing speaking clearly and directly, not to mention easy on the eyes. (Interesting side note: check out how Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men gets a timely bump in sales ...
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I'm the new guy. New to the city, new to graphic design, new to the EdLab. Nine months ago I left a lucrative but tedious job as an electrical contractor in my hometown of Seattle to relocate and study graphic design. After experiencing the American marvel that is New York City, I fear that I may never feel fully content in any other place but here... My first two weeks here at the EdLab have been positive leaps as well. What I've enjoyed most about my experience thus far has been the approachable, receptive nature of the program. I've worked on numerous projects already, from Ian's animation-heavy brainchild Future Imperfect to collaborating with Chia-Ling to brand and advertise an upcoming series of art exhibitions. I've been able to get a few bites of everything.
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