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3 years ago
According to a recent New York Times article, the answer is yes! "52 Places to Go in 2019" was published on January 9th, 2019 ranking Calgary, Alberta in Canada as number 20--not for its annual Stampede or reputed arts and culture scene but for its library. The Calgary Central Library's redesign was completed in November of 2018 for no less than $245 million CAN and apparently is enough of a reason to dust of the ol' passport and take a trip across the border. Could the Gottesman Libraries one day be enough t...
4 years ago
Fully employed? Financially independent? Single parent? Not a recent high school grad? Those are just a few key characteristics of what is fast becoming today's typical college student. How will this change how colleges and universities recruit and serve students moving forward? Check out this NPR Piece to learn more! 
5 years ago
Beginning in 1994, the month of October (February in the UK) was declared LGBT History month; a 31-day observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history and the history of the gay rights and civil rights movements.As luck would have it, NLT is right on trend with the publication of this week's Seen in NY episode: NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project. Founded by three graduates of the Columbia University Historic Preservation Program, the initiative is the first to "document historic and cultural sites associated wit...
5 years ago
It’s that time again! Temperatures are rising in NYC and apparently so is the pace of recruitment. At least that’s how a article I read sees it. The piece states that “April, May and June proceeds at double the pace of December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statis...
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6 years ago
Greetings from DC! Andrew, Lauren, and I are perched here on the 3rd floor of the impressive Walter E. Washington Convention Center where AERA, now in its 100th year, is in full swing! Since arriving last night via Amtrak we've been conducting interviews for The Voice with AERA attendees. These are professors and education researchers from all ov...
7 years ago
Well, technically, the title of the musical is Doctor Zhivago, a reinterpretation of Boris Pasternak's 1957 novel and 1965 film adaptation of the same name. Opening its doors to NYC preview audiences April 21st, the Broadway production follows the struggles, transformations, and love triangles of doctor-poet, Yuri Zhivago during the years leading up to WWI and through the Russian Civil War that took place from 1917-1922 but with a very 21st century ...
8 years ago
Tech addiction is beginning in the womb...well, not exactly but possibly the crib. Dutch designer and recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Laura Cornet, released the biggest thing to happen to your child's nap time since the mobile: a toy that allows infants to snap selfies and instantly upload them to social media. What started as an artistic attempt at social commentary is now turning into a highly demanded product adoring parents can buy which will send baby's first photos directly to mom and dad.
8 years ago
The seemingly never-ending “Twilight Zone” series (156 original episodes cranked out in a 5 year period) chiefly penned by WWII vet, Rod Serling, was characterized by kafkaesque scenes, hairpin plot turns, moral takeaways, and, of course, the underlying threat of Communism: Now flash forward 50 years to 2014, where British humorist/screenwriter, Charlie Brooker's so-called, tragicomedy series "