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Many people around the world tend to view education and sports as two very distinct things. However, sports and academics tend to be interdependent. As a student athlete, I have learned that the impact of my experience in sports plays a significant role in my academics and vice versa. It is very important for educators to use sports as a tool to improve the standards of education. Research shows that engaging students in sports enhances their understanding of school work as well. The vialogue below highlights a robotics team at The Frederick Douglass Academy (my alma mater). They use robotics...
One of the main challenges educators constantly face is the short attention span of students in the classroom. Educators might try different techniques to keep student such as introducing new and exciting curricula. This what Doug Lemov explains as "teaching like a champion." In order to enhance effectiveness of the learning experience, students are required to be very attentive in class. The role of teachers in this regard is to use several strategies that will create a conducive environment for teaching and learning
All teachers have their own way of teaching. Researchers found that students tend to learn with the aim of just passing a particular course or excelling in school. Learning is a continuous process and it is necessary for students to retain the materials after exams or end of semester. The ability of teachers to create a conducive environment for students is vital. The vialogue below highlights an approach by a high school math teacher to prepare his students for life by using what he calls the "speech method." This math teacher helps his students learn what is required of them outside the curr...
Without a doubt social medial remains a very vital tool in education. Contrary to the belief of most critics, social media tends to bring students closer to the learning environment even outside the classroom. Networking plays a key role in how students can collaborate with their peers to solve problems or develop ideas. Regardless of which country a student might be in, social media will help ensure that the learning experience is easily accessible to all students. The vialogue below highlights the positive influence social media has on education.
Self-assessment remains a very vital aspect of education. Several researchers have proven that students and teachers tend to improve when they evaluate themselves. Students and teachers are able to focus more on what they are not doing right at the expense of what others might feel they are not doing right. While students assess themselves, teachers also try to improve their techniques in teaching. These attempts to improve the learning experience helps students and teachers reach their peak. The vialogue below shows some insights from students and teachers about self-assessment.
Fusing music with education has proven to be very beneficial to education. Some educators use music as a tool to enhance the learning experience in their classrooms. Some educators use music to raise student energy in classrooms. The vialogue below highlight a teacher in Washington who has found a way to engage and motivate students by using music to teach math.
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Educators constantly design classrooms and learning spaces to meet the needs of students. It is essential to create an environment conducive for teaching and learning. Classrooms form an integral part of the lives of most students. The video below highlights a display of the ideal classroom and how it can help improve learning.
Experts have indicated that there are so many ways to make learning more engaged. One of these ways is fusing music with education. The vialogue below highlights an initiative by three high schools in New York and Angola that focuses on the use of a particular kind of music to explore several academic subjects. This is a great initiative because it brings students from different backgrounds together. The program indicates that cultural difference is not a barrier to learning. Learning is a universal language that can be understood by everyone.
As technology keeps infiltrating education, there is a need to think about how to change the PROCESSES of learning to fit our technological advancements. The video below highlights the role of students and educators in improving education in the 21st century.
Technology has gradually become a big part of education. As a result, it is very important for teachers to adapt to new learning strategies that will be easily understood by students with the help of technology. This video predicts a future classroom and how technological advancement will possibly change teaching and learning.