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A happy Saturday to all, and welcome to today's news! On this beautiful day you can read selections about cows and their calves, rehabilitated pelicans, pollinator bees, a homeward bound dog and a Star Wars inspired family of endangered blue-crown laughingthrushes. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on 
Today’s headlines heard it wasn’t exactly all liberty and justice, but their favorite aunt is maybe in Laredo? These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
Materiality, with respect to digital text, refers to the physical medium used to store and convey that text. This term was coined as long ago as 1570. Scholars have been developing ways to think about and analyze texts since the Middle Ages. Understanding digital materiality is crucial for charting the future of academic libraries as they support teaching and research,
Good evening and apologies for the delay. Here are few of today’s international headlines courtesy of Freedom Forum’s “Today’s Front Pages” gallery.The New York Times, Published in New York, NY
This research guide is intended as an overview of library resources and services of particular relevance for education journalists, and in particular for writers for The Hechinger Report. The e-resources have been selected to support the objectives of the Report, i.e., to cover "inequality and innovation in education with in-depth journalism that uses research, d...
Did you know that National Library Week began on Sunday, April 4th, 2021? A time to celebrate all libraries -- school/academic, special, and public -- and the work of their contributors, National Library Week promotes usage and encourages thinking about the evolving role of libraries, particularly given the impact of the global pandemic. This year's theme, Welcome To Your Library, embraces a multitude of users, as it high...
Today’s headlines are trying to remember what they thought April would look like back in June. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
A happy Tuesday to all and I hope you enjoy today's Daily News. These selections feature stories close to home and the ways that people improve and celebrate where they live. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on 
This guide covers the ABC's of copyright and fair usage, most specifically in educational settings. We will discuss the meaning and importance of copyright protection; look at resources that highlight the basic do's and don'ts; and point to advisory offices at Teachers College and Columbia University that can advise on the law's complexity.With growing scholarly open source and public domain materials in an unprecedented time of remote learning, we also will explore options for using and leveraging such freely available resources in coursework and research.
Welcome to the daily news! In prominent international news, Jordan’s government is facing potential instability after allegations of corruption and incompetence against the kingdom by a member of the royal family. In Myanmar citizens are continuing to protest the military coup. France is battling a third wave of Covid while Georgia is preparing to begin vaccinating and England is increasing testing. The Messenger, Published in Tbilisi, Georgi...