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Not sure where to begin your research? Want to learn more about the library's information tools and services? The Summer 2020 Library Orientation guide can help. Learning at the Gottesman Libraries 2019The Library Orientation guide provides tips for searching the library's catalog and d...
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As one particular news story continues to understandably dominate headlines, corrupt politicians see an opportunity to capitalize on distraction. Today’s 5 stories focus on public corruption in the time of COVID-19, with examples ranging from intentional promotion of unproven treatments to cooking the books of vital public data. As always, stories are taken from the newspaper headlines curated by
Since mid-March, when my position at the Teachers College Gottesman Libraries shifted to work-from-home, I’ve been out of the apartment early most mornings to bike. To facilitate social distancing, I practice my routine close to dawn. If you also happened to be in the park at that time, you might not necessarily make out my face as you whizzed - or ran - past. But you could still distinguish me from most of the other early birds if I revealed but one fact about myself: I’m the one who waves. To indulge in my original play on a well-known expression, I would say: if you see someone
Amidst all of the weighty pandemic news, today's selection aims to bring some light to your day by highlighting stories about progress, hope and people helping other people during these unprecedented times. You'll find examples below, from medical developments to individual acts of kindness to constructive legislation. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on
Our Spring 2020 semester started with a familiar, welcome rush to meet the needs of our community as we returned from the winter holiday well-rested and ready to process new materials, support course reserves, and identify key areas of improvement in library systems and software. The early months of this semester brought a revised materials request form, alongside the development of an email-based document delivery service in preparation for the closure of Gottesman Libraries’ long standing multi-use materials platform, DocDel.
Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. Here are a few of today’s headlines from around the world with a focus on the political ramifications of the coronavirus, courtesy of Newseum:The Guardian, Published in London, UK
To celebrate the end of another week, today’s Daily News features some more offbeat, unusual, or interesting stories. They range from an outfield drive-in to football as a public good to a shady political group being brought to justice. As always, the stories here have been curated from the front pages at 
Today’s daily news focuses on ways that municipalities and businesses, with a view to re-opening, are trying to adapt to the continuing pandemic. From Miami to Denver, Boston to Hawaii, and Detroit, articles are curated from the front pages on
Photo: Lisa ShafferLibrarians have long been stereotyped as cat lovers, but where did the association come from, and how accurate is it? There are some similarities that can be drawn between the two; both prefer a quiet, orderly environment, and each knows the value of a cozy, comfortable chair for...
Last week, I introduced some information about the Irma Black Award and Cook Prize programs designed by Bank Street College in this blog post. These book awards are judged by children around the world in grades 1-2 and 3-4 respectively. I found out...