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As the protests continue around the country (and now the world), protesters are finally seeing traction against city governments. Today’s news stories focus on the unprecedented solidarity on display in the face of brutality and violent backlash. As always, all of today’s news stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
In all 50 states, protestors have held demonstrations against police brutality and racial inequality. The protests have taken many different forms over the weekend. People—i...
As the pandemic continues and protests spread beyond the U.S., here are some updates on the most recent actions taken by presidents and prime ministers around the world. These headlines for Saturday June 6, 2020 are courtesy of Newseum.The Calgary Sun, Published in Calgary, Canada
Believe it or not, "National Doughnut Day" or "National Donut Day" has a significant history; celebrated annually on the first Friday in June, it dates back to 1938 when the Salvation Army in Chicago honored members or "lassies" who served donuts, or fried dough confectionary, to soldiers during the First World War. Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance thought of providing baked goods, among them donuts, to hungry servicemen in France; t...
While people and institutions around the world are adapting to coronavirus, the virus itself is mutating. From a ban on mass gatherings and in turn, new protest behaviors, in the Philippines, to strict new measures like temperature checks and changes to recess and lunch in Malaysian schools, the pandemic continues to change societies. Meanwhile, scientists report a high incidence of a unique, more virulent, strain of the virus in India. These headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
Happy Thursday, everyone! Here is the latest installment of our Daily News blog where we highlight a few of today’s headlines, courtesy of Newseum:The New York Times, Published in New York, NY
As protests against police violence roil the world, cities and towns reckon with their own local histories of racial violence and unjust policing. From a 115 year old Confederate moment in Alabama, to the 2015 death of a beloved Florida musician at the hands of police, people around the world, and especially in the United States, are remembering, reflecting, and attempting to reconcile history with the world they want. These headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
As a follow up of my previous post exploring why libraries are such perfect environments for cats and why so many librarians around the world adore them, I asked some of our librarians at Gottesman Libraries to talk about their cats, what they love about them, and what they love about their jobs. Get to know our team and add some new titles to your reading and movie lists on the way! Do you have a beloved pet at home you want to share with us? Please post about them in the comments!
After a weekend of violence against protesters, there are signs that the mass protests may be working. Some city leaders seem to be hearing protesters’ voices and pushing for de-escalation by their police departments. All this while Trump’s administration demands more crackdown tactics and urges the deployment of National Guard forces to stop the peaceful expression of 1st Amendment rights. As always, all headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
As part of our continuing Daily News blog, here are a few headlines for Monday, June 1, 2020 courtesy of Newseum:The Mercury News, Published in San Jose, CA