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10 years ago
I've been recently working on a script that uploads image batches to PocketKnowledge via its backend. In addition to a deepened understanding of the application's construct and the functionality of its various modules, there were actually some good findings about spreadsheet processing that can be used in the future. The two popular formats of excel files a PHP script will need to handle are csv and xls. For the former, people can use a standard PHP utility called fgetcsv. It's easy to use in that it parses csv files like a usual file handler. For each row in the file, it returns a list of ...
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Many of us rely on surveys to give us a view of people's behaviors and feelings about those behaviors. This article approaches statistics from the angle of a reader, however as researchers these are good things to keep in mind while designing surveys and picking sample populations. Full Article Here
Check out this new report from the Institute of Museum and Library Services that documents the growth in public library use in the wake of new library services. Although the report has a number of implications that we might wish to consider, it also stresses the local nature of some of the findings.
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