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Happy Tuesday! Today's headlines take a look at what is currently happening in some of the Caribbean countries. From gender protests to deportation, these countries have much more on their minds besides the coronavirus. Newday Published in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Protests continue
Today’s headlines hail from Lenape Territory with news of the pandemic’s ongoing impact on education, this past weekend’s snowstorm, and the coronavirus vaccine. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by ndigenous Territory names and Treaty information are provided b...
This research guide is intended as an overview of library resources and services of particular relevance for students in the Counseling Psychology program at Teachers College. The resources, primarily electronic and accessible on and off campus, have been selected as ones supporting the mission of the program, i.e., "the preparation of psychological counselors who facilitate the normal and optimal development of individuals, groups, and organizations ...
This blog accompanies a brief orientation for Doctoral Students, scheduled in collaboration with Graduate Student Life and Development, for Monday, February 8th, 2021. We will provide Teachers College doctoral students with a broad overview of research support; explanation of Boolean logic; tips on smart searching; discussion of citation management tools; and summary of further points of reference. 
Happy Sunday! Today's headlines deal with how countries all around the globe are gearing up for summer 2021. With some countries hoping to adapt the ‘Travel Passport’, some allowing entry with a negative COVID test, and others completely banning all international travel. Voice of AmericaGreece reopening
You made it through the week, congrats! A very happy Saturday to all, and welcome to another edition of Animal News Because We Deserve It. Our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on and bumblebee by dcysurfer / Dave Young, Credit Courtesy ...
Welcome to the daily news! Today’s selection of headlines focuses on international culture in current events. In Africa, a new type of chameleon dubbed a nano-chameleon has been discovered. It may be the smallest reptile in the world. Other stories look at blacksmithing in Turkey, truffles in Kuwait, the 2022 Winter Olympics and taniwha in New Zealand. These headlines are courtesy of
Happy Thursday! Today’s headlines feature stories of teachers around the country standing up for their safety against school boards, mayors, and many more. Society released the pivotal role teachers play back in April when schools closed all over the country- however many districts rushed to fill the schools without providing proper safety precautions. Teachers have been pushed to the brink the past eleven months and are taking a stand. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of
Good afternoon! Today's front pages announce new candidates for governor of California, a growing mutual aid effort in Louisiana, new and expansive mural commissions in Illinois, a recent update with SpaceX, and BLM protests in Mississippi regarding an incident of police misconduct. As always, our news selections are inspired by the front pages at
Happy Tuesday! Today’s stories show how cities all around American are celebrating Black History Month. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.Detroit Free Press, Published in Detroit, MI