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Note: This post is part of an ongoing project on Autotaggging [1] TCR content that is being done by the research team.Previous posts in the series1- A case for Autotagging - Does Machine learning know better about your work than you? Link [2]
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As we continue to explore ways in which voice controls might simplify user interaction in the library, it is informative to consider the most popular Alexa skills of 2018 as reported by Amazon. Check them out in this piece from Business Insider. What are some skills t...
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One of the challenges of implementing AI is avoiding the creation of black boxes where processes and operations become opaque, even to AI owners, let alone clients, customers, and regulators.  This is particularly important if we are to avoid bias or the perception of bias in operations and delivery of services. In this ZDNet article, Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, the chief of AI at Capital One, argues for what he calls "explainable" AI that can be achieved by teasing apart the inner-working...
Nike has announced the second generation of self-lacing basketball shoes and this time the price is $350 or less than half the cost of the first generation. But ......the problem is that they are still missing the essential point of the original concept as shown here:
As we work to develop approaches to environmental video for the Learning Theater is it useful to consider examples of such material used to reinforce and extend content presentations of various kinds.  With that in mind, take a look at how such environmental video is being use on the set of a new Netflix show - Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Notice both the custom video walls and the f...
With the continuing interest in podcasts and our upcoming project to reimagine archiving, a project to preserve podcasts at Metro seems particular timely. The project will raise and address some issues that are unique to the preservation of audio files.  
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As we consider development of a new platform for the archives it is useful to consider some forward leaning examples.One such example is the National Archives of the UAE  In addition to managing the physical archives shown above and an archives exhibit center, the National Archives of the UAE also offer a
Take a look at the total environment created for a wedding celebration:There are a number of stagecraft techniques used in creating this environment that are intriguing but the ones that caught my attention and described in the accompanying article are: 
As SpaceX blasts off a car into space, headed toward Mars, the curtain begins to close on the “Out of this World” Mars experience in the Learning Theater. This March we are projected to send the final groups of colonists out to redder pastures. So it’s time to start thinking about what the next big edu-taining experience for the LT space might be. I spent some time pondering the future of the space and here is a pitch for a possible way to transform the 4th floor in the coming months.
Are you an artist? Do you know any? If so this is a great opportunity. Funded by the Myers Foundation and supported by our very own Design Team, the yearly EdLab Art Commission has made the Gottesman Libraries a place to find great art at the intersection of Education, Technology and Creativity.Please spread the word, info below and on
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