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...And thanks for all the hard work!
In First Monday's most recent issue, Sara Kjellberg reports on the study she did on the use of blogs among researchers. Researchers felt that blogs supported many elements of their professional lives. Blogs allowed them to discuss smaller topics which they feel are important, but may not have enough content for a more traditionally published paper. Along those same lines, regular blog posting encourages researchers to stay current with trends and issues that may only tangentially relate to thei...
Has anyone seen the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (If you haven't you should check it out) Well this movie inspired me to become an activist for electric cars and I want to work with cars when I start college and eventually move into a career. This movie displays how a perfect car without emission can run without using one drop of gasoline. This movie also shows the massive influence that government has on the manipulation of oil, which I think it is wrong. The fact that General Motors (GM) and the government destroyed these cars was astonishing and to some extent preposterous. ...
For my last video at the EdLab, I put together a short interview with the Director of Education at New York City Center. She discusses the importance and the benefits of the arts in education. I had a great experience working with everyone. Hopefully I'll see you all again sometime in the future!
This is my last video here in the EdLab as part of the summer internship program. It has been a pleasure to be here among many highly capable individuals that all respect each other. This has been a unique and memorable experience that I will not forget in the coming decades. The video is about the use of technology in our classrooms and the reasons why it is needed. Featuring our own Gus Andrews and Hui Soo Chae.
Today is my last day here at EdLab and I have also just completed my final video. It's a look at an organization called "Starting Artists" that teaches arts and entrepreneurship to under-served teens in Brooklyn.
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As it's our last day, Calli and I thought we'd share a few "reflections" on our summer intern experience: Things We Wish We Knew on Day 1 -Don't bring a lunch on Wednesdays. Look forward to the falafel. -Do back stretching every day in order to avoid the "computer screen humpback." -Try to become a part of as many projects as possible. -Try to attend as many meetings as possible. -Cede all control of your life to Google Apps. Do not resist. -Learn how to beautify your blog. -Don't hesitate to provide feedback. Reasons We Don't Want to Leave -It's not often you find yourself working in an environment where you can genuinely say you like EVERYONE you're working with. -The fact that our duties did not include a single coffee run. -It's OK to use gchat here. -Willingness for the EdLab to throw parties for each EdLab event and accomplishment. -The trek up to TC allows for ample summer book reading. -The focus on "innovation" (even if we're not always quite sure what that means). -The many things we've learned as interns this summer. Thanks to all for a great experience! We really enjoyed working with everyone and wish you all the best of luck. We'll still be blogging here and there, but at least for now in the non-virtual world, so long!
Hi Everyone-- My name is Corinne Colgan and I'm one of the summer interns with After Ed and I've made my first video. Take a look!
Hi everyone, Rebekah and I have been brainstorming ideas for a research project proposal in hopes of presenting a poster at the 2010 AERA Conference. If you have a moment, please reply to our online poll with the topic you like best: Which Proposal Idea for the AERA Conference Do You Like Best?(trends) T...
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If anyone's interested, here's another sample blog I've been working on for the Teaching the Levees website: What's the current situation in New Orleans? It seems the news media can't agree. While the Chicago Sun-Times recently published a sunny article describing how recovery money has steeled New Orleans against the recession (leading young, laid-off workers to flock to the area) and the Times-Picayune sugg...