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Welcome to the daily news bulletin. Today, a large story is the looming approach of Brexit in January and what sort of economic sanctions will be enacted. Other international news items include a forecast for the economy next year in Singapore and the status of education in South Africa. These headlines are courtesy of
It's significant that we call it the Information Age. We don't talk about the Knowledge Age.-- James Billington, Speaking of Information: The Library Juice Quotation BookA ...
Did you know that sometime around 1500 BC smallpox made its way from animal to human being somewhere in the Nile Valley? Known as the "Speckled Monster", the fatal virus was breathed in, and once inside, invaded the body to host its spread -- leading to fever, headache, back and muscle pain -- and then to pus-filled blisters that left deep external scars, but worse, in...
In today's glimpse of front pages, we examine some smaller success stories in recent news, taking a break from vaccination and election updates. Locals in Illinois and North Carolina tackle crime and homelessness, Maryland elects a new mayor eager to restructure a city crippled by violence, lawmakers in Georgia push for small business non-discrimination reform, and an artist's community space in California responds to the monolith mystery. As always, our news selection is inspired by the front pages provided by
In what has accidentally become a collection of sci-fi sounding tales, today's news features antique rocketship parts, 3d printed organs and technology on its way to become the future of brain scanning. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on
Today’s headlines thought they were going to live in infamy until they saw the impact limited broadband access was having on American democracy. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by Indigenous Territory names and Treaty information are taken from the
In today’s news bulletin there are stories from around the globe. In India widespread protests continue, Jordan fears losing control of certain holy sites, the Iran nuclear deal is revisited and more coronavirus updates. As always, these headlines are courtesy of Pioneer, Published in New Delhi, India
Welcome to the Saturday news! Today I've collected stories for you that feature a range of interesting topics, such as mysterious monoliths, quantum computers and extreme freight trains, to name a few. As always, our selections are inspired by the Front Pages posted daily on
Happy Friday! As we immerse ourselves into the holiday season, many people are left questioning how traditions can be upheld due to statewide mandates. This collection of newspaper headlines across America take a look at the unique ways cities around the country are keeping their residents' spirits up and festive. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.A...
Today there are several updates on the coronavirus vaccine. Britain has approved its first vaccine for immediate use, an experimental treatment is being used in the US and the government is preparing for imminent vaccine distribution here in the States. Also, the United Nations warns countries not to forget the climate crisis and many are petitioning President Elect Biden to quickly stop border wall construction. As always, these headlines are courtesy of