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What is leadership and a leadership vacuum?Leadership is the capacity to inspire, guide, or direct a group of people or an organization toward a result. Typically, a good leader creates a clear vision with goals, then motivates others to share the vision and work to achieve the goals. A leadership vacuum appears when there are no leaders, current leaders are ineffective, or when leaders are locked in battle.
Bathroom DJ is one of the many accessories we offer to enhance the Learning Theater experience. On June 8th LT will be hosting the TC Board of Trustees and the theme is
The architecture of a website seems to be arbitrary, and it may mostly depend on a designer's preference. Are there any common principles that we can follow when building our own websites? I was pretty interested in it when I was a senior student in university. Most of papers and technical reports talking about the findaility and usability and they proposed several common practices and guidelines. After read several papers, I found an interesting seminar: the IA summit. It has been held since 2000. IA is the abbreviation of Informati...
What do you think of NYTimes' effort to explain the algorithm behind Austin Peay State University's course recommendation software. Personally, I think the graphics are paramount in helping me understand the text. The aesthetic is not my favorite (i.e. bold black outlines on graphics), but in terms of efficacy of communication, let's aim for this in NLT :) Thought...
Here's one way to add premium content to the Research Digest: The reference and link (if premium) will be located at the end of the Research Digest article.
Since the NLT will already have a built-in photo gallery, here is a scroll-through "timeline" that puts it to use as more than just a photo viewer; it lets us tell a story. This concept works for Greg's recent Research Digest. The ribbon concept is adopted from the NLT logo... does it tie the look together?
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Greg and I worked together to come up with this idea for the Vialogues Error pages... Hoping to apply some of the randomization effects I experimented with jquery earlier... what do you think? Each error page will have an icon that plays off the vialogue box... i.e. door for forbidden error, and detour arrow for internal server error I like blue... But should we go for red instead?
Hi Edlabers, Yesterday after the completing of the EdLab Development & Research meeting on professional development videos and how we can use them to promote theUnderstanding Fiscal Responsibility (UFR) project, one idea suddenly occurred to me, and I would like to ask for feedback. I think this one might greatly help promote UFR as well as other EdLab projects. One way I figured out can mostly promote the ideas and let more people know about UFR is to organize an event in an influential public social forum where people can sign...
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10 years ago
I've begun my first mSchool course, "Grammar 101: Grammar Basics and Common Mistakes." I'm nervous about it for the following reasons: 1. Being a former English major, I may know a little more about grammar logistics than the average Joe, but that doesn't make me infallible... and it sure would be pretty embarrassing if my course on grammar was riddled with grammar mistakes. 2. I know it's a basic course, but I think I've already started too basic. There's so much to cover. Where do I go from here? Am I trying to create too much of my own content? Should I be adding more "resources"? Here's what I got so far:
10 years ago
I presented Vialogues this past weekend at TCETC (Teachers College Educational Technology Conference) 2011. There was an overwhelming response to Vialogues. In general, people thought it would be very useful for their class and students. Someone thought this could be a direct competitor to YouTube (not that we are or will ever compete with YouTube). People tweeted about Vialogues, and applauded twice - once after the presentation and once in the middle of Q&A. Someone signed up, and some said they will sign up. Someone wanted us to think about its' comm...