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Sep 13 2013 - 08:22 PM
Afterschool Programs
Afterschool programs across the country are in danger of shutting down due to budget cuts. Afterschool programs benefit a lot of inner city students who may not have a lot of guidance or support at home. Afterschool Alliance states that students who don't attend afterschool programs are three times more likely to skip classes and three times more likely to smoke cigarettes or use drugs such as marijuana. This video shows the reaction from parents and students regarding the cancellation of afterschool programs. One of the biggest messages I took from the video is how important afterschool programs are for parents. For instance, it gives a single parent with a full time job a place to send their child while they are at work. These afterschool programs may not teach school curriculum work, but students are learning new productive skills and techniques that they can carry over into college and their professional lives.
Posted in: Meet the Staff|By: Bachir Diarrassouba|1306 Reads