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Jul 20 2005 - 02:30 PM
First edLab Seminar
I want to thank everyone who participated in the first edLab seminar today. I sense that this will be a very productive endeavor, as we all seem to feel to feel inspired by the daunting task of guiding education through the myriad opportunities presented by an information-rich, ever-more-connected world. I would like to thank Hui Soo for helping set the agenda for today's meeting, as well as for thinking of, and preparing, the "fortune cookie" ice breaker. Given these growing complexities, it is appropriate that Brian Carolan will be speaking next week about social network analysis. To that end, I have attached a lit review (provided by Brian) covering how network analysis can be applied in organizational settings (see below). In addition please be sure to visit this website, which provides a good overview of network analysis in different settings. Finally, please take a moment to download (UCINET, version 6.9). Please do your best to bring a laptop with this software installed. If you don't have a laptop, or the inclination to install the software, don't worry as we will have computers on carts available in the oval space. Please post any follow-up ideas about the seminar, or the lab in general, to this blog (either as new post, or a response to this one).
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