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Jun 04 2013 - 06:26 PM
Two Interesting Papers About Recommending People in SNS
Hi, everyone: This is Shuguang, a PhD student from Univ. of Pittsburgh. I am an intern here for the next three months. I really appreciate getting here and working with so many nice people. I am working on research algorithms in information retrieval and social network analysis. I found two interesting papers (which are the most common PhD activities) that described the ideas I would like to work on this summer. (It's painful when you found someone else who has the same ideas but already finished their experiments and published). I attached the links below, both of them are pretty new. The first paper, SearchBuddies: Bringing Search Engines into the Conversation built an application in Facebook called SearchBuddies, and recommends relevant information or relevant people to respond to status messages, questions, etc.,. Check the attached figure. The second paper, Whom to Mention: Expand the Diffusion of Tweets by @ Recommendation on Micro-blogging Systems, appeared in WWW 2013. It's a kind of an algorithm paper but the idea is pretty new, and could be useful in Twitter by providing a similar function like the one in SearchBuddies. However, the paper would been better if the authors were able to distinguish the reasons why people "@" each other, and make different recommendations based on user's intentions. It would be better for the system if there was an @ function for this blog.
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