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May 23 2013 - 09:45 AM
EVENT RECAP: YPG Digital Twitter Hackathon
Yesterday, Kate and I attended a workshop hosted by YPG Digital to pick up some tips and tricks for effective tweeting. Here are some of the best practices that I think might be helpful for us here at EdLab: 1. Best time to tweet: weekends and weekdays from 10am-noon, 8pm-10pm 2. Use the event hashtag when live tweeting. Hashtags that include "chat" such as #edchat or #learnchat are good to use. 3. Be unique and witty on your tweets. These are more likely to make it to the top tweets. 4. Add media whenever you can (link, picture, etc.). 5. It's okay to tweet something twice. Just make sure there's been at least 8 hours between the posts. 6. Hootsuite is a platform that enables scheduled tweets, saved searches, and analytics. 7. If you start your tweet with someone's handle (ex. @CuriousBrooklyn Excited to incorporate new twitter tricks!), this tweet can only be seen by @CuriousBrooklyn and people who follow BOTH you and the person you tweeted at. To make the tweet public, you must add a period before the handle (ex. .@CuriousBrooklyn). Feel free to share any other Twitter best practices in the comments section!
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