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Oct 27 2006 - 11:05 AM
A Rebellion Erupts Over Journals Of Academia
Take a look at this article, referenced in a recent news item in The Chronicle. It looks like this beginning to become a trend: Editorial boards see the price of their journal continue to rise, and they fail to see why this is the case. Naturally, they try to find alternatives. In defense of publishers, Mr. Ruth said:
"In considering the price of journals, it is important to recognize the investment and value provided by publishers: in managing the peer review system that is essential to fostering scientific excellence; in preparing articles for publication; in hosting articles online and disseminating them globally; and in preserving authors' work as part of the permanent scientific record."
If this is all that publishers bring to the table, it is surprising that more journals don't decide to seek alternatives. Most journals can easily afford to do everything in Mr. Ruth's list, especially if the journal is an online publication.
Posted in: FYI|By: Jeff Frank|42844 Reads