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Mar 13 2013 - 11:12 PM
Selective Attention and Inattentional Blindness
The vialogue below is based on the topic, Sensation and Perception. Sensation is when you detect a physical energy through stimulation of sense receptors. Sometimes when human beings get sensory overload, which is when they perform too many activities in a day, they tend to feel exhausted. Consequently, they block out unimportant sights and sounds and focus on the ones that are useful to them. Generally, human beings can prevent themselves from feeling overwhelmed, under selective attention: the ability to focus on some parts of the environment and block out others. Although this prevents human beings from feeling overwhelmed, it also affects them in a way that they lose their conscious awareness of the environment. Selective attention may also lead to inattentional blindness: the failures to consciously perceive something you are looking at because you are not attending to it. As you watch the video, consider how selective attention and inattentional blindness were demonstrated. How many changes were you able to detect?
|By: Bismark Appiah|27997 Reads