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Feb 22 2013 - 10:14 AM
Check Out This Quora Question
Below is a question on Quora asked by a user to which another user replied with the EdSurge blurb on ResearchBroker. I think it is exciting to see that people can relate ResearchBroker to solving the same problem for which it was built: i.e. to bridge educators and technologists. I am happy to see that people can get that without us speaking to them on the phone necessarily or sending them some fancy product blurbs. This should motivate us to continue to make that value even more obvious on the ResearchBroker website by adding case studies, testimonials and streamlining the user experience. At the same time, we should be fearless in talking about ResearchBroker to other people for feedback and outreach. If you can, please upvote the answer on Quora. You can login with your quora account or facebook or Google. Thanks!
Posted in: Work Progress|By: Megha Agarwala|1085 Reads