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Jul 10 2005 - 05:11 PM
On Taxonomies and Semantics (or free work for TCR)
For my final paper for Prof. Black's Text Understanding & Design class, I'm going to do an analysis of the ways formal taxonomies relate sets of information (ie- the ways that humans categorize information, articles, etc.) versus the ways that the semantic structure of documents relate sets of information (using Latent Semantic Analysis- Landauer, Foltz, Laham 1998). This analysis should have implications for the ways that websites provide access to information and the efforts made by institutions to categorize information (Library of Congress, etc.). This may remind you of the Clay Shirky article on Categories, Links, and Tags. I will be using TCR as the dataset, so some of the results may be useful for designing add-ons to the TCR site itself. I mention this bit of side-work because I think these kinds of things could be an interesting addition to the future edLab website (you could call it an edLab student research projects). You could see how edLab could provide a venue for sponsoring/institutionalizing this kind of work which may benefit larger projects (increased revenue for TCR, etc.). Just a thought…
|By: Anthony Cocciolo|1051 Reads