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Jul 10 2012 - 04:42 PM
Startup Spotlight: Slader
The Details & Back-story Slader is a NYC-based ed tech company established in 2009 by co-founders Scott Kolb and Kyle Gerrity. It is a web-based platform for students to view and share detailed solutions to math, science, English, and history questions found in almost 300 American high school textbooks across the US. How does it work? Students find solutions to specific questions in their textbooks by first searching the Slader site for the textbook containing their question. Students then enter the page number on which their question(s) can be found. They can then browse the results for answers and in-depth solutions. For all you visual folk, you can walk through their demo video below. Please feel free to comment, too! Unique Point of Difference Slader uses a crowdsourcing approach; students are both the content contributors and content reviewers (through commenting and voting). It is recognized as a FREE alternative to expensive peer tutoring. Furthermore, thanks to crowdsourced content, Slader is able to support the development of student comprehension and conceptual understanding, as opposed to just accessing the "right answer." EdLab Relevance Would Vialogues benefit from more explicit subject streams like Slader, i.e. math, science, English, history... etc. How many people use the "EXPLORE" button on Vialogues as their point of entry into content? Do users prefer an open-ended discovery experience, or a more guided experience when searching for vialogues? Our Takeaway Make it easy to find a rich version of exactly what you need: the right answer AND the valuable solution.
|By: Janice Joo|2541 Reads