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Jun 26 2012 - 10:37 AM
Startup Spotlight: Notesolution
The Details & Backstory Notesolution, the largest notes sharing platform for over 20 post-secondary institutions across Canada, is a Toronto-based startup developed by young entrepreneurs Jack Tai, Kevin Wu, and Jackey Li. They have over 40,000 registered students who share about 75,000 notes. Notesolution claimed success at Montreal's accelerator program called Founder Fuel, raising $400,000. Unique Point of Difference Notesolution is Canadian! (Je suis canadienne... so it makes me proud to share this point.) It's also FREE for students to use! They can earn points that go towards viewing other material, as long as they remain contributors of original notes and study notes to the site. EdLab Takeaway Notesolution uses a rewards-based model. Could this model be viable for EdLab products such as PocketKnowledge or NLT? For example, could we reward NLT readers? Perhaps they could get points for responding to polls within the publication, or they could participate in user-testing by participating in surveys. The reward could be access to premium NLT content or access to premium services on our other products (i.e. a "gold badge status" on Ednode?). For PocketKnowledge, could we redefine how students use it? Could we show students how to use PocketKnowledge as a note-sharing platform, in addition to its function as a digital archive?
|By: Janice Joo|2949 Reads