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Jun 11 2012 - 04:06 PM
Using Facebook to Promote a Tool or Organization
Today a large group of us all ate lunch at the same time in the red booths. We started to have a big discussion about Facebook as it is a popular topic all across the nation these days, especially with the struggle of Facebook's stock and the recent marriage of Mark Zuckerberg . But our talk was more personal and everyone shared what they like and dislike about Facebook and how users share information on Facebook. Everyone has a different opinion, some people like when their friends post pictures of their meals, others hate it. Some people think it's cute when their parents join Facebook, while other people refuse to accept friend requests from their mother. Our conversation then evolved into a list of ideas for how Facebook could be improved. Although the conversation today was largely focused around personal Facebook experiences, a question that often arises at the EdLab is how to best market our tools on Facebook. David Lee King posted about a session on Facebook Marketing that he attended at Blogworld. I found the hints he shares useful and relevant since many of his tips include how to utilize the new Facebook presentation, time line. Do you follow any organizations or products on Facebook? What makes an organization successful on Facebook? Have you ever had a negative experience after becoming a fan of an organization on Facebook?
|By: Rebecca Beck|1528 Reads