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May 08 2012 - 12:21 PM
EdLab Review:
Here's an example I made... is a handy service for recording video and/or audio to accompany your slides. allows you to sync your recorded audio and video to your slides then publish everything as one complete package. Pros: I think this tool could help make boring and text-heavy documents like spreadsheets more digestible for the recipient. I like how it supports a lot of different files, including Google docs, which is basically where all of my documents live nowadays. Also, since all the content is in the cloud, they give you access to analytics such as who is watching your content, what they're watching, where they are watching from and for how long. You can also connect your account with your Google+ and Facebook accounts. Cons: With the free account, you can only have 3 presentations before you have to delete an old one to make room for a new presentation. I don't think there's a way to download the presentation+video file, even with the paid account ($9 or $39/month). Also, each video can only be 15 minutes long for the free account. It's pretty long for a presentation, but short for a lesson. Edlab Relevance: This could be a useful tool for teachers trying out the flipped classroom model; no more flipping chart paper and losing marker caps during your lesson video. I wonder if Vialogues could support this type of feature, where we can have educator accounts that allow users to upload videos and also slide documents. Perhaps it could make the Vialogues experience more complete and more useful to the mSchool model in the future.
Posted in: EdTech ReviewNew Learning Times|By: Janet Jang|1841 Reads