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Jul 07 2005 - 09:22 AM
Room Booking Observations -- summary
This is a "what we noticed" list, not necessarily a set of problems: 1. some student groups block long periods of time on multiple days -- currently "AGXB," regression analysis, dissertation group X. 2. there are many "repeaters" on the system -- i.e., the total number of unique reservers might be interesting to count 3. student groups are registered in one name only -- that is, the system doesn't record who else will be in the room. 4. sometimes reserved rooms aren't being used (like when the principal's group vacated multiple small rooms to go outside and take advantage of the nice weather) 5. sometimes a reserved room appears to be in use by someone else (i.e., one person rather than a group) 6. there are more rooms in use on the ground than on the schedule 7. most rooms are being used by more than one person at a time 8. 302, 309, 103 seem to be used the same way other rooms are being used i.e., not necessarily using the technology 9. room users are anonymous -- you can't tell if it is the group or individual who has reserved (and thus will be there for a defined period of time) or a squatter. 10. Are there revenue generating groups that are using rooms 305 and 306 and not paying? (The Principals' Academy and/or Reading and Writing Project, for example.)
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