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Mar 28 2012 - 11:29 AM
Traveling Back Through Teachers College History
In preparation for the Academic Festival in April, I've been doing a bit of time traveling for the past week to find future-oriented, technology-centered stories from the TC archives and PocketKnowledge. I learned so much about the first pioneers of TC through this 300-page publication written in 1954. It's lengthy, but a surprisingly fun read. However, finding a collection of information about the college after the 1950's was a little bit harder than I thought. I enlisted the help of the lovely library staff and the Student Admissions Office, and was able to find more resources. Here are some fun facts about TC: 1. In 1905, Professor Patty Smith Hill first composed the "Happy Birthday" song with her sister for her kindergarten class. 2. The bright yellow color and black lettering now standard on all school buses originated at Teachers College by Professor Frank Cyr in the 1930's. 3. TC piloted the very first Peace Corps Fellows Program in 1962, the brainchild of Dr. Beryl Levinger, a researcher with the Institute of International Studies at TC. 4. TC acquired the first instructional books in braille in 1977. 5. 3. The concept for the "Blue's Clues" television show was created by two TC students in 1999. There are still a lot of gaping holes from the 1960's~ 1980's in TC history that I cannot seem to fill without a lot of time consuming and labor intensive document digging. I wish someone had written a following publication about TC History after the 1954 edition. Boston College has their own university historian, TC should have one too! If any of you have suggestions of other good resources that I can use for this project, please leave it in the comments below!
|By: Janet Jang|2661 Reads