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Feb 12 2012 - 08:43 PM
Work Progress on Survey Sidekick
Hi EdLabbers, The last two weeks have been quite productive. For the front-end part, I finished the main edit page for users to edit, review, and analyze their surveys. Fortunately, this one is not varied a lot according to the updates from the design team. This one can be tailored and fit into a new main edit page. I also created a Django template tag to print the navigation bar. Actually the option of a new navigation bar is different from previous designs. This template tag can be easily tailored to meet the new requirements of the UI design. For the back-end part, I made diligence to finish the functions and models for the question-editing curtain which I think is the most complex part in this project. This includes the design of the functions to facilitate fixed-response question inserting, multiple choice, check box question inserting, and other type of question's inserting. I also finished the function to proceed all ajax actions related to question edit curtain such as choice scale change, question type change, response group change, so on and so forth. I have already made several tests and debugs to make sure the database is correctly updated after the actions. Moreover, in the front-end, I coded the question editing page in order to make the information of question visible to users. I also finished the skip logic part of question editing. Since the UI will be totally different from previous ones on the skip logic part, I added the back-end model to respond to skip logic without any UI coding. The only thing that remains for the question editing is the "save and close" button to close the curtain. This week I will finish the other three nodes "new heading", "new text", and "new page break" in survey tree model. Those things will not be tough. After I finish the editing page, I will move on to other pages which will not be challenging compared to this one.
|By: Jing Luo|1580 Reads