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Feb 01 2012 - 09:47 AM
An Idea for UFR Promotion
Hi Edlabers, Yesterday after the completing of the EdLab Development & Research meeting on professional development videos and how we can use them to promote theUnderstanding Fiscal Responsibility (UFR) project, one idea suddenly occurred to me, and I would like to ask for feedback. I think this one might greatly help promote UFR as well as other EdLab projects. One way I figured out can mostly promote the ideas and let more people know about UFR is to organize an event in an influential public social forum where people can sign up and participate. The advantage over the online promotion is that the participants can network with the organizers on site, and vice versa. If possible, we can also take advantage of our public relations force to invite the journalists of some big companies such as Bloomberg, and NBC news, etc. to come and report our events. This one sounds very ambitious, but I feel it is an effective way to bring publicity to the project. There is a quite influential Columbia University alumni club in Manhattan, and it is also affiliated with all the other Ivy league clubs such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. Quite a lot of senior and high-level alumni members are on their mailing list and actively involved in club events. It will be a good idea to arrange an event and reception to promote UFR along with other EdLab projects. I'm the member of Columbia University Club, and I can talk with them to see if there are any possibilities.
|By: Jing Luo|1691 Reads