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Dec 20 2011 - 11:56 AM
Research Digest: Interactive Textbooks and Student’s Learning
Photobucket Jeong-Im Choi, Heeok Heo, Kyu Yon Lim & Il-Hyeon Jo. (2011). The Development of an Interactive Digital Textbook in Middle School English. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7105/2011 , 397-405. Description: This paper describes how the authors designed and developed an interactive digital textbook for middle school English for the classroom or any user interested in learning. This interactive digital textbook was design to support the different ways students learn. Using two types of activities, Representation of information and Expression of understanding, and three categories of cognitive aspects: recognition, strategy, and affection, the authors designed a textbook with activities that will promote better learning for all users. The authors point out that when we usually think of digital textbooks, it just consists of the text from the printed version. But with this paper, the authors designed a digital textbook that will include interactive activities to enable users to learn English better than they would with your run-of-the-mill printed text. The activities includes: Listen & Speak, Read & Do, Think & Write, and Let's Check. Photobucket EdLab Relevance: This paper is describing what will hopefully be the future of textbooks. It was interesting to see an interactive digital textbook for the English subject. I would think that an interactive e-textbook can be more easily designed for a STEM subject like biology for example. But what I would like to see, or even create, the most is a solid math interactive e-textbook. I believe there can be a math textbook that will actually be interesting to students than the traditional version. I think I smell a future project that the EdLab can cook up and it will definitely be delicious!
|By: Demetri Lales|2070 Reads