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Jul 05 2005 - 05:06 PM
Room Booking Observation
I skulked around for an hour this afternoon (from 3:15 until about 4:15), resisting the feeling that I was monitoring compliance because, overall, things in that hour were not as they were "supposed to be." The good news is that, until 4:00, almost all rooms were in use and, for the most part, they weren't study carrels. People were working together. AS best I could suss out, only two were being used for their reserved purpose -- a staff meeting in 202 reserved by Medina and an applied regression study group meeting, though only one member had shown up when I was there. All others were poachers and, in a few cases, seemed to be taking the place of the sign up. Two were used by single students, the others by groups of 2 to 4. The place that things went awry was at 4:00. The Principal's Academy had reserved virtually every room from 4:00 however, since it was such a nice day, they set up in the courtyard and left the rooms empty. I didn't stick around to see if they filled up (will do a last tour on the way out). Who can blame the sun seekers, but I'm thinking that when the list doesn't correspond to what seems to be going on, there's some loss of credibility/faith. Later: By the time I left -- 5:30/5:45 -- the principal participants seemed to be in their spaces and most rooms were humming. I wasn't there for any displacement events and couldn't see who wasn't using the rooms, since they were so preempted. The observation process -- at least the little bit that I did -- was inconclusive, except to demonstrate that the rooms are being used. Was it just my role that made we want to know WHO was in each room, or do others have a legitimate reason to know if what they are seeing is what's on the sign-up and/or a good use of the space?
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