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Sep 17 2011 - 09:15 AM
PyGotham Session 1 - Real time notifications
Doing the real time notifications the python way : PYTHON SIDE Gevent Servers: import gevent.monkey gevent.monkey.patch_all() urllib def server: Gevent: Servers def handle(socket, address): print 'new connection!' server = StreamServer(('',1234), handle) gevent.wsgi (Fast ~4k requests/s) No streaming, pipelining or ssl gevent.pywsgi: Full Featured slower("only" 3k requests/s) from gevent import pywsgi def hello_world(enc, start_response) start_response('200 OK',[('continent-type','text/html')]) yield ' Hello World' server = pywsgi.WSGIServer(''',8080), hello_world) server.serve_forever() a heartbeat loop HOW DO YOU GET THE DATA TO THE CLIENT WITHOUT PAGE REFRESH What is the real time web - No page refreshes - Sevrer push - Examples: chat, realtime analytics, ... Imlementation: a) Flash b) Polling c) Long polling (wow - thats cleevr: ) d) HTML5 Websockets(super-easy, Security Vulnerabilities) Socket.IO To the rescue - Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible .
|By: Pranav Garg|2424 Reads