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Sep 16 2011 - 09:06 AM
PyGotham Day 1 Session 1-MongoDB
Mongodb kyle banker Mongodb in action --------------- Why mongodb data is not flat as is there in rdbms. query in adhoc manner document like structure - denormalized form of data - Indexes There is no join in the mongodb Data writes are atomic. they do banking - embed documents into another documents. Schema - design criteria - How can we manipulate this data a) Dynamic Queries b) Secondary Indexes c) Map Reduce d) Atomic Updates Access Patterns: a) Read/Write ratio b) Type of updates c) Types of queries d) Data life-cycle - db.users{name:"Kyle"}) - db.users.find().explain Queue ----------- Mongokit Mongoengine. Documents are - sort of dynamic structures we don;t have to define them in advance. More sort of data. Collections - Python mongodb - import pymongo >>c = pymongo.Connection('localhost',27017) >>c c['python']['users']
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