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Aug 10 2011 - 11:07 AM
Mobile Squad Update!
Thanks to those of you who participated in the exciting Mobile Squad event last Thursday. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with different people at the lab, get outside and ask people in the community about their mobile learning habits. For those of you who couldn't make it, we were a site to see as we wore our EdLab shirts proudly and enthusiastically approached people in the neighborhood. We had 43 completed surveys at the end of the 30 minute event. The largest group of people to complete our survey were millenials, people between the ages of 21 and 32. 25 millenials completed our survey and only 5 of those did not have smartphones. Predictably people with “dumbphones” said that the way their phones could help them learn was to have the internet. The most common type of smartphone owned was the iphone, with 7 people owning an iphone. When we asked people with smartphones which apps they used for learning the most common answers mentioned having a dictionary (four people), reading the news (three people) and wikipedia (three people). When smartphone owners were asked, “what do you wish your phone could do to help you learn?” there was a wide range of responses from the practical to the fantastical. The practical responses included a desire for a longer battery life and the ability for phones to connect to printers. On the more imaginative side of things, one person said that they wish their phone could allow them to live a longer life. Two people expressed interest in a Columbia university mobile app that connects to courseworks and blackboard. It was exciting to get an idea of what people view as mobile learning and to hear people's wishes about what their phones could do. Perhaps these wishes will be met soon as smartphones are constantly upgrading from one version to the next. In fact some phones are already connecting to printers. The purpose of this mobile squad was to have fun and to begin a discussion about mobile learning. If you have any other questions about the data we collected please feel free to contact me or Brian.
|By: Rebecca Beck|3201 Reads