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Jun 27 2005 - 04:45 PM
Captivate tutorial demo
We used a trial version of Macromedia Captivate to create a Blackboard tutorial demo (attached as a Flash movie; you must be logged in to see the attachment below). Although this demo is still a bit rough (please pardon the voice), it was fairly easy to put together and took less than 10 hrs to make(would probably take even less for more experienced designers). Basically, I recorded the actions I wanted to demo, and then added different elements-- like title slides, more captions, and audio narration -- on top of the initial recording. In our opinion, Captivate seems a very user-friendly and straightforward interface. Also, I like the ability to add and edit audio right in the same program on specific slides. One negative thing is that Captivate adds captions automatically to your movements but they don't always make sense. However, it is easy enough to change or delete the captions when necessary. Hope this is helpful - check it out!
|By: bsibuma|1187 Reads