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Oct 10 2010 - 03:24 PM
One Facet of the Future of Educational Publishing
I really enjoyed watching the Strage Prize video, and it led me to think more about the relationship between online video and the publication of educational research. In my role as Managing Editor of the Teachers College Record, I read a very large number of qualitative and ethnographic studies. While the best of these papers give the reader a strong sense of the subjects and the study location (and the author/researcher), after watching the 2010 Strage Prize video, I was fascinating by how much this video added to my understanding and appreciation of Lalitha's paper. It reminded me of the relationship between the book A Hope in the Unseen and the This American Life (see, Act Two) podcast about the young man featured in the book. While both are quite strong on their own, I think having the two together--the written work and the video/podcast--adds something of unique value. I hope more educational researchers and publishers experiment with these kinds of paired works, because I think they offer readers a wonderful educative experience.
|By: Jeff Frank|4658 Reads