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Jun 25 2005 - 01:04 PM
The edLab Seminar
As we develop the edLab environment and culture, I think that we will need at least two types of meetings (and perhaps many more). One type will need to be completely open to virtually anyone in the library or the college. This meeting may also serve as a venue to which we might invite special guests with particular kinds of expertise. I see this meeting as the site for the following: a) General planning b) Reporting in on activities c) Developing an intellectual agenda for the lab d) Scheduling events and projects e) Scheduling other meetings such as design events f) Introducing others at the College to the lab g) Guest experts, speakers, etc. It will be important to define what should not take place at this meeting. Things such as a design event to develop a particular project would probably require another type of meeting where the environment, including the assembled individuals, will need to be tailored to the task. This meeting should also not be the venue for the assembly of library managers to discuss library business. There is a library managers group meeting that will handle ongoing business of the library, and it will be important to keep the lab seminar meeting separate so that the immediate needs of running the library do not subsume the agenda for the lab. One question to consider is how frequently we need this type of meeting One possibility is weekly, but the interval might be longer.
|By: Gary Natriello|954 Reads