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Jun 20 2005 - 02:04 PM
Library service
What can we do to be more service-oriented? I was at Starbucks this weekend, and someone got their drink before me, even though they were behind me in line. When the Starbucks employee realized her mistake, she immediately gave me my four dollar drink for free, even though I didn't express any indignation at having to wait an extra thirty seconds for my latte. Will this make me choose Starbucks in the future if I can get the same drink at Wal-Mart for one dollar? I don't know. Even though I don't really have anything to support this claim, I feel that service and design are going to become an increasingly important factor in determining the success or failure of many future business ventures. We seem to be on the right track with our design emphasis (as Hui Soo notes in his recent post); what more could we do to make all of our groups more service-oriented? What would be a parallel to the Starbucks example in libraries? Is this what people expect from libraries? Should they?
Posted in: FYI|By: Jeff Frank|917 Reads