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Apr 02 2010 - 12:02 AM
Single Sign On - Edlab Applications with Data Sharing
Most of you might have being aware of Single Sign On(SSO) systems like Gmail, Hotmail passport, etc, where you only need to provide the username and password once, and you are authenticated across all the applications.
Hui Soo, Faisal, Jo Agnitti and I are working on developing a central authentication system which would allow the SSO feature. Although the progress has been a little slower than expected due to the relative different environment and scarce documentation, we are trying hard to build something substantial before the term ends.
    Look and Feel
It would be very similar to our current access model of Wind which provides central login, however it would have additional features of SSO across all EdLab applications e.g. MyTC portal and data sharing between applications.
To reduce burden on user to remember passwords and enhance user data sharing capabilities between the applications for better recommendation and user profile building (Note: Refer to Faisal's blog post for security consideration). Involve all the existing and developing applications to use the SSO architecture.
    Environment and Platform
Server: Tomcat Server where Central Authentication System (CAS)[developed by Yale now hosted at JA-Sig] is installed which uses Java Servlets and JSP's with maven built architecture. Client: Different CAS libraries like phpCAS, python libraries, etc to interface CAS.
    Current Progress
We have been able to successfully install CAS on one of our development instances We are working on interfacing one of our applications with CAS.
Customizing and enhancing CAS is one of the biggest deterrents as there is not much documentation available on extending its architecture. We are working towards overcoming the hindrances by aiming to deploy single sign on systems soon for all our applications with data sharing capabilities.
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