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Dec 09 2009 - 10:09 AM
Last Class of OS: Dec, 9th
Problems facing today to the computer industry or the financial industry 1) Manageability 2) Availability secure remote computing services. - network utility computing architecture - display visualization - operating system visualization. issues on the current computing problem - critical data getting lost - growing it management complexity traditional video display - applications - window system - device driver - framebuffer as we are moving towards cloud computing we need to hack into the traditional video display to ship it over to the network. - if we hack the application layer and window system then its required to have a stateful display. if we hack between between framebuffer and device driver we lose semantics. so to overcome these issue we hack between window system and virtual device driver by hacking into the standard interface, thus leverage standard interface . benefits of simple, low-level protocol. Achieve stateless clients. VNC is able to hack into the framebuffer and device driver. NEW Architecture ---------------- Application window system (req: fil) THINC (update solid fill)
|By: Pranav Garg|23805 Reads