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Nov 25 2009 - 10:37 AM
OS Class - 25th Nov (Allocation of File Systems)
Allocation -> Contiguous ->Linked Random Access Slow Locality is a big problem -> Reliability File Allocation Table (FAT) - Make copies of the FAT as if it gets corrupted then we loose all the data. Indexed [INODE] - Fixed size Inode - but what if the file is large then we have to add a level of indirection. All the addresses have indexed entries and have to be pointed Observation: Most files are "small" Every file has a corresponding inode to itself. A 8 page level inode could be able to address how big a file? given the fact that the block size is 1024bytes each indirection level gives 256 so the inode has 5 level of pages pointing directly to the data blocks. then the next level of page in inode pointing to a indirection block which points to the data then next level of page pointing to indirection which again points to indirection and then to the data, the next level of page pointing to the indirection which again points to indirection iturn to indirection to indirection and then again to the data. so roughly 256*256*256*1024 ~ 16GB Free Space ------------ ->Bit vector 1 bit/block 1-used, 0 - free |10001........| -> FAT - Free space manageement is already done -> Linked List -> Group -> Counting - a free block points to another free block. EXT3
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